Burnout from work? Fret not!

March 9, 2018


Why Ain’t Being a Freelancer Treated as a Reputable Job in Singapore?

Chinese New Year is coming and it’s the infamous time of the year where relatives compare amongst each other. In actual fact, the occasion provides a ‘perfect’ opportunity for ‘inquisitive’ elders to grin with pride when their kids rise above their peers while others glare with green envy-filled eyes when they yearn for the achievements of another. This simply is the source and epitome of stress, reward and achievement cursed to the working adults running around Singapore’s hamster wheel-of-success.

Can being a freelancer ever be treated the same as being a doctor?

The conventional route would be to do well in school, go to university, get a mainstream job in either finance, healthcare or in law, get married, have children and retire by 55. Being a freelancer comes nowhere in sight as we look at a typical Singapore-bred employee. (more…)


10 reasons to pick up tennis RIGHT NOW

Ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and stopped in your tracks to watch a game of ball between two good-looking players wielding rackets in their hands? Were you mesmerized by how graceful a flick of their wrists looks? Or how they seem to be dancing across the court? Well my friend, say hello to tennis.


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